Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Good 'Steal & Deal'

This actually is a Steal & Deal from the Today Show for TODAY ONLY!

I love, love these Danielle Stevens Jewelry necklaces. You have the choice of any 4 of these for $30.00, originally $105.00. I'm obsessed with the Vintage look of them, and also love anything monogrammed.


The website is :
and the Coupon Code is: TODAYNECKLACE

I just loved this deal and thought that I would share it with you guys!




Little Petite said...

These are pretty, I love the third necklace. Thanks for the comment, you asked me what heat protecting cream I use. The one that I am using right now is by Silk Elements. I bought it at Sally's Beauty Supply. I'm now following :]

Kori Donahue said...

Wow gorgeous finds!!!! Thanks for sharing honey! I'm following you back! Have a great day! Kori xoxo

Gemma-Louise said...

These are so pretty.

Thankyou for the nice comment on my blog.

I'm follwing now :)


Gracey said...

Pretty, thanks for sharing!

simplychic said...

that's a pretty awesome deal! if i only i was not on a shopping diet...

p.s. i'm following back :)

LouBehr said...

Great ! I've always liked them too ...

Anonymous said...

I ordered mine on Aug.15, and haven't received or heard anything. Did you order anything from this deal?

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