Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bloggers Do It Better: Arm Party

Hey dolls,
So... ever since Emily Maynard showed up on The Bachelor last season, she awed me with the way she carried herself, did her makeup, wore her clothes, made me cry every time she told her story.... OK let's be honest, the girl is like, purrrrrfact (in the voice of Ashley H.). All seriousness, I loved the way she wore her watch stacked with a bunch of cool bracelets. I was really excited when this challenge came about because I get to finally show how I have my own little arm party!

What is an arm party? This term was created by The Man Repeller and is defined by wearing multiple watches, bracelets, etc on your arm. So don't be a party pooper, have your own arm party!

From left to right:
Cream bangle: Forever 21
Turquoise bangle: given as a gift
Woven peace bracelet: found at boutique; find a similar one here
Michael Kors watch: Nordstrom
"Diamond" bangle: given as a gift
Pink rhinestone friendship bracelet: Nordstrom

Lots of love!



Anonymous said...

Hey I participated in the BDIB challenge too! I came across your link and I'm loving your arm party!Love the big face watch!

robyn said...

Really love your look! This has been a fun challenge:)

robyn of

Paulina Mo said...

I soooo love the MK watch, I'm dying to buy one!! I love the concept of the arm party, it's like the more the better, I def enjoyed stacking all the bracelets on my arm, although my boyfriend was lookin' at me like I was a freak! ha ha ha...

anywho, thank you for commenting on my blog :) Hope you can visit again and follow if you'd like? I'll follow back!


simplychic said...

i love your arm party! i couldn't participate b/c i don't have a lot of bracelets. i need to change that...

Rach said...

Thanks soo much for commenting on and following my blog! I really appreciate it. Really love your arm party!! I am soo excited to see soo many creative ways of pairing together bracelets. My favorite piece of yours is probably the peace bracelet. Following you back and cant wait to see what you do for the next BDIB challenge

Rachel said...

This looks so cute - I linked to you in my post today because this was one of my favorite arm candy looks!! Love it!

Ilaria said...

Thanks for commenting. I'm following. Follow back? :)

Just Another Shopaholic said...

Fabulous arm candy!

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