Saturday, August 6, 2011

Big Brother 13 - 8/4/2011 Fashion Recap

Big Brother is all about making big statements. Choosing 2 nominees... Winning the Power of Veto... Pulling someone off the block.... 'Backdooring' someone...

But last night the girls' fashion choices were all about making big statements. Some good, some not so good.

Here is Danielle with all her nails painted green... minus the ring finger which is purple. Thoughts on this? Are we seeing the first signs of a new polish trend? I personally don't hate it..... 

....Whereas these earrings I hate. I am all about statement earrings but these are just too much. Plus, Porsche is way to pretty to have these huge pieces of metal distracting from her beauty. And don't they hurt?!

I'm not the biggest Kalia fan but I LOVE these shades. They remind me of these Tory Burch glasses that I have been Jonesin' after for awhile now.

Oh, Danielle. You are my BB13 style icon. Your feathers, your cuff, you LBD, oh my! But... if you knock Jeff or Jordan out of the game you may become the most hated player of all time amongst BB fans. Consider yourself warned.

And finally Porsche again. This time doing something right. I am obsessed with her cat-eye eyeliner finished off with her smoky eye look. This video helped me learn how to do a good smokey-eye look a few years ago. 

Thoughts on these looks??

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